Client Profile

Muthanna Al Hullo is a resident of Dubai UAE and is the founder of Whistle. He is one of our most valuable international clients. The idea behind Whistle was the client’s dedication at delivering a product that would cater to the needs of everyone. Thus work on the website and mobile applications began with the same passion resulting in it becoming a reality as we see it today. The concept behind developing this platform is to ease the urban travelling and transportation needs of the people of Dubai.

Technology Used

  • Language : Java, Objective C
  • Database : MySQL
  • IDE : X-Code
  • Framework : Cake PHP

Project Summary

Whistle is a platform where commuters in Dubai can easily book a cab and taxi services and can commute any distance in the city. The platform allows the customer a host of services and choice of cab facility as per the requirement and also tells the time in which the cab can make a pick up. The customers need only register and make an account and then they can select their location from where they need to travel and where they need to go and also examine the fare and the expected time that would be required for the travel. The admin provides dashboard facilities to both riders and drivers who need to register in a similar manner. The drivers may register and after undertaking the required documentation process they would be eligible for driving. The admin provides the drivers with location tracking system and also provides them with the upcoming ride check which would allow them to communicate to the client and reach the exact pickup location on time.

The user has the following workflow to use the website:

  • Login and register on the website or app
  • Follow the instruction to manage their profile
  • Select pick up and destination or select confirmation of ride for drivers
  • Choose payment medium
  • Make ride

Industry Specifics

With urbanization taking a new shape altogether and population of cities growing at an unbelievable rate, houses and offices, shops and cinema halls are getting distanced with the expansions of cities in all directions. The biggest challenge is to commute on a daily basis and help run lives smoothly. Certain distances are so large that two way conveyance on a private vehicle costs huge. Public transport is also limited and time consuming and at the same time does not cater to all areas of the city. Thus the need for urban cab and taxi service is ever growing. This not only provides commuting flexibility but also allows for customer safety and assurance of comfort. At the same time it also allows men and women another alternative for employment and can also be undertaken on a part time basis adding to the financial self-respect of people. The industry is in a maturing state and needs great amount of investor attention.

Implementation Strategy

The idea has been implemented as per the suggestions and requirements of the client which when after completion is catering to the needs of customers and drivers. The objective behind designing this platform is to provide easy and convenient urban taxi service to the users. The aim is to allow people to have a hassle free travelling experience. While creating the website and application we have provided options for both rider and drivers to individually monitor the service requirement and its status. The users are required to make payment as per their choice. Maintaining an all-time functioning tracking system and payment system and to bring functionality to it was the challenging part of the project. The platform offers individual monitoring handles that would be provided to both parties. Whenever, the user has a requirement they have to login as per the need make bookings while the driver would acknowledge it and comply. The website was designed with responsive user interface as many users today prefer to view the website on their smart-phones.


The development experience of this website and mobile application was a highly enriching and learning one. By working on this project we got aware of the complexities of urban transportation. The project gave us valuable insights on the industry needs and helped in working on an international project. We understood in detail, the functionality of the project, which polished our skills in development of comprehensive 24*7 functional web- and mobile based portal. The project also helped us in understanding prompt customer solutions, provider management and payment management, etc. We also gained experience in developing a platform which would cater to the needs of people. We are thankful to the client for extending this opportunity to us and proudly delivered high quality work.

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