Study Lounge

Client Profile

Study Lounge is the brain child of Jasem, Founder of this beautiful idea and one of our most valuable clients. The client had a crystal clear vision and strong sense of prediction and thus work on the website began with the same passion which results today in the reality as we see it and has become a grand success specially for the education fraternity in general. The basic idea behind this platform is to allow people to learn and help learn and solve all their learning needs.

Technology Used

  • Language : PHP, VIEWERJS
  • Database : MySQL
  • Framework : YII

Project Services

Study Lounge is a website where learners from various schools and universities from across Kuwait can upload their notes and other study material and make money out of it. The website develops a marketplace web-portal for the knowledge seekers and providers. The marketplace is used as a medium for posting requirements by the desiring students and can access the study material provided already. The web-portal is a one-stop solution with a secure facility to make online payments and buy the desired material and connect with the providing students. The admin provides dashboard facilities to both seekers and providers from where they can post their needs and notes. The admin also facilitates twin approach where a provider who is also the one who needs study material can play both roles at the same time. Admin can manage website’s global type information like contact us sections, email id, admin’s transaction margin etc. Global settings are pre-defined so they can be modified only.

The user has the following workflow to use the website:

  • Login and register on the website
  • Follow the instruction to manage their profile
  • Select their education level (School or College)
  • Upload their learning requirement or material they provide as per the educational institution from a pre fed list
  • Manage communication with provider or seeker
  • Mange Payments and withdrawals

Industry Specifics

As they say, “ Education is the gift which can change lives and can also give to the world what it needs the most ”. Study lounge very aptly confers to this saying. The education services industry has undergone some important and revolutionary changes in the past few decades and has seen positive up-gradation which in majority has been the game changer. Technology especially the constantly upgrading mobile platforms have comfortably sneaked in to make it one of the most profitable sectors throughout the world, helping in changing lives. It is offering a huge wealth of tools which is aiding both teachers and students get the best teaching and learning experiences. Education and learning industry will dominate the world economies’ in the years to come.

Implementation Strategy

The idea has been implemented as per the suggestions and requirements of the client which when after completion is catering to the needs of students at various educational levels. Our objective in designing this platform is to provide a common space for both note readers and providers for various courses and academic streams across various schools and universities of Kuwait. The aim is to allow both parties to function under one roof. While creating the website we have provided options for both the service seeker and the provider to individually monitor the service requirement and its status. The users are required to pay a one time fee for 3 months service. Maintaining a transparent payment system and to bring functionality to it was the challenging part of the project. The website offers individual monitoring handles that would be provided to both sides. The profile management of the users who could have multiple requirements and mingling it with the correct provider was also a challenge as a notes provider can also be a person in need at the same time. Whenever, the user has a requirement they have to login as per the need & post their respective needs while on the other the provider would have to do the same in order to upload notes. The website was designed with responsive user interface as many users today prefer to view the website on their smart-phones.


The development experience of this website was unique, pleasurable and high learning. Working on this project gave us valuable insights on the education industry especially of the Gulf Counties. We understood in detail, the functionality of the project, which polished our skills in development of marketplace web-portal. The website also helped us in understanding crisp notes making and sharpened our skills at customer solutions, provider management and payment management, etc. We also gained experience in developing a website which would cater to the needs of young minds that would be the major exploits of Study Lounge. We are thankful to the client for extending this opportunity to us and proudly delivered high quality work.

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