Build A Menu

Client Profile

Karee Blunt and Lisa Holcomb are the sister owners of Build A Menu. Both ladies share a common goal and vision to help busy families plan their menus and food budgets effectively. They have an extraordinary and extremely creative zeal which shows in their concept which began its journey in 2010. This same zeal is reflected in the making of the app for Build A Menu which is now a reality and equally successful as the website.

Technology Used

  • Language : Java for Android, Objective C for iOS, Eclispse
  • Database : MySQL

Project Summary

Build A menu is a specifically designed application dedicated for the purpose of helping families organise their meals and budgets for the same. It works in a two way manner where a user can select a recipe which he or she would like to cook and also see the budget needed for it. The user can also see the grocery stores from where the materials of the recipe can be acquired from and at what prices. At the same time upload a personal recipe as well. The users have the flexibility to choose from a variety of meals and it helps in reducing repetition of dishes. The administrator of the app manages its features. Admin can update any page of the app and also add info of newer services and also update new information from time to time. The admin cannot modify any info of the recipes and can neither alter nor change any part of the information of users. Admin can manage app ´s global type information like contact us sections, email id, etc. Global settings are pre-defined so they can be modified only.

The user has the following workflow to use the website:

  • Download App
  • Login and register on the app
  • Follow the instruction to manage their profile
  • Follow instruction to open an account
  • Choose from the options
  • Upload their own
  • Check for the prices of resources at various stores
  • Plan the meal for a week in advance.
  • Calendar meals in advance

Industry Specifics

Extremely busy life styles and growing cosmopolitan tastes makes it difficult for meal makers specially working mothers to set permutations and combinations with conventional recipes as after sometime they become boring and bland. It is surfacing to be one of the biggest challenges at the domestic front for meal makers who are finding it really difficult to make food which balances both taste and budget. Menu planning specially the one which fits in the finances needs lots of planning and time. Thus a pre formulated system is in great demand which can manage these issues and Build A Menu is the answer to this problem.

Implementation Strategy

The purpose for making this website is to design a platform which provides a one roof solution space for customers for all their invitation and gifting related needs. The aim is to allow people to have an elaborate choice and only select the one which suits them the best from a sea of options. While creating the website, we provided options for customer and admin, both to have individual monitoring handles from where they can post their requirements and the admin will be able to view the orders and execute them accordingly. The status of the orders and the course of payment which would be managed online would also be visible to both sides. The most challenging part of the project was to bring to functionality the transparent payment system and the individual monitoring handles that would be provided to both sides. The need management of the users who could have multiple requirements was also a challenge. Whenever, the user has a requirement they have to login as per the need & post their respective needs while on the other the admin would have to monitor orders in order to confirm them and complete it/them by the date and time of the job in accordance to customer suitability. The website was designed with responsive user interface as many users today prefer to view the website on their smart-phones.


The development of this app was a challenging yet a very pleasure filled and enlightening experience altogether. By working on this project, we gained the valuable experience of working with kitchen management, resource management and financial management which polished our skills in development of apps, customer solutions, provider management and payment management, etc. We also gained experience with two way need management and customer satisfaction at both ends. We are thankful for the opportunity and proud to deliver with our technical expertise and implementation capabilities for this website.

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