Client Profile

AJ Jackson, the founder and director of ahdeeoh.com, is based in Los Angeles and is one of the most valuable clients. We began working together on basic details and an idea, which is now realised as a huge music licensing marketplace. The idea behind the application is to encourage music creators and licensing agents to come together on a common platform and in order to commit deals for licenses in a transparent and organised marketplace.

Technology Used

  • Language : PHP5, JQuery, Ajax, SoundCloud

Project Services

The ‘AhDeeOh Website’ is a marketplace web-portal for Music , “ Seekers ” & , “ Makers ”. The marketplace is being used as a medium for the singers & music directors to lease/license their songs/music to buyers. The web-portal is a one-stop solution with facilities to make online payments and buy the desired songs/music, connect with Singers and music directors. The administrator of the website manages the transactions of the lease / license and users of the website. The admin can update any content-based page of the website, but not that of any user. Admin can manage website’s global type information like contact us sections, email id, admin’s transaction margin etc. Global settings are pre-defined so they can only be modified not altered.

The user has the following workflow to use the website:

  • Login and register on the website
  • Follow the instruction to manage their profile
  • Upload their music files
  • Manage communication with seeker via PMB
  • Mange Payments that can be kept in website’s escrow and withdrawn as per requirement

Industry Specifics

The music industry has seen revolutionary changes in the past few years and with the introduction of internet, digital players, smart phones & various social media platforms it has become even more exciting. Ahdeeoh.com is a platform offering infrastructure to music makers to up-load their sample work through secure and easy to upload tools, which allows the music seekers to easily listen the music. If the seeker is impressed, they can directly contact the maker & deal to Lease/ License the music or offer to create new music. In the present era, this platform will encourage the creativity of music creators and help them trade and earn from these marketplaces without compromising on value of their talent.

Implementation Strategy

The website has been designed with an aim to provide a platform to music maker & seekers at the same time. While creating the website, we provided options to manage the media files, zeroed them on to Cloud service for easy use, and maintain economy of the cloud. The most challenging part of the application was the Escrow management & profile management of the users as the users can have multiple roles like a user can be a seeker as well as maker of the music at the same time. Whenever, the user has to perform a role they have to login as per the role i.e. seeker or maker & perform the respective tasks. The application has been designed with responsive user interface as many users today prefer to view the website on their smart-phones.


The development of this website was an enlightening experience altogether. With this, we have gained the experience in developing Escrow functionality, polished our skills like marketplace web-portal development, profile management, payment management, etc. We also gained experience in employing the Sound Cloud tool to manage sound files via cloud service. We are thankful for receiving the opportunity and proud to deliver our technical expertise and implementation capabilities for this website.

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